Collaboration with Fem Project

Starting November 12th 2016, The Vulva Gallery will be collaborating with FEM Project, a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, USA. FEM Project aims to give homeless women the essential necessities that are often overlooked and not covered by food stamps: menstrual supplies. FEM Project is 100% volunteer-led and supported by generous donors. 

46,874 homeless reside in the greater Los Angeles area. For the thousands of homeless women, the few days a month where women should be embracing their femininity can be their hardest; a year's supply of tampons costs approximately $70 and without sanitary products, women risk infection as well as discomfort. 

Feminine Every Month was founded in 2016 by Grace Westlin and Isabel Fields after holding a drive where they raised over 3,000 pads, tampons, and diva cups over the course of five days. After seeing the amount of people they reached, Westlin and Fields embarked on the journey that is FEM Project.

The Vulva Gallery made two illustrations special for FEM Project, and these will be printed on tote bags and t-shirts. The money raised by selling the bags and shirts will be used for funding their non-profit organization.

For more information about FEM Project, click here.