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I have gone through many stages of accepting my vulva. In the beginning I thought my lips were misshaped and that pubes were gross. I was raised to believe that all of my body hair was gross and needed to be shaved. Its taken my many years to get over this, for a long time I plucked and shaved my pubes/belly button hairs constantly. This led to rashes and red bumps all over. I now let my pubes and most of my body hair grow long and full. 

The stage of accepting my vulva that was the most eye opening was realizing that having a vulva and vagina doesnt make me female, I can dress how I like and be who I feel. I am genderfluid, some days when I am masculine I have a hard time looking at myself without feeling shame. Finally i have gotten to a point where i would never ask for a different vulva because mine is unique and special to me, I have the right to do what I please with my body and nobody can touch my vulva, look at my vulva or choose anything for my vulva without my permission and thats how it should always be ! This includes letting all woman get IUDs, go on birth control, shave, let their hair grow, wax, use menstrual cups, tampons or pads, it is the individuals choice no matter what anybody else says.

My vulva, my body, my mind, my choice.

A. - 19 years old