Content warning: this story contains information about sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering to survivors. -

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Embracing my sexuality has been very difficult for me. I got my period when I was 8 years old and lost my virginity at 11, when I was raped by a cousin (for about a year or so). Since then I've been really promiscuous because I thought the only way I had to be lovable was giving sex in exchange. I felt pretty only when I was considered "sexy" so I started sending nudes very often to several guys, this lead to them sharing them with their friends. I started being body shamed and bullied at school because of the color and shape of my labia and got a nickname: "McPussy" (they said my pussy looked like a McDonald's hamburger). I was very ashamed of my [vulva] for a really long time, and even developed a feeling of disgust for one of my favorite foods (McDonald's of course). I found your blog and other similar pages some months ago and I started accepting myself. I thought "If you love a big mac why wouldn't you love a meaty "mc pussy"?" :) Also, I understood that unrequested opinions coming from ignorant people shouldn't be taken into account. 

Thank you for being so awesome, for sharing your art an helping so much women. 

With love, from Costa Rica.

H. - 18 years old