The Vulva Gallery

Variations in vulvas are endless. Labia can be long or tiny, wrinkly or smooth, thick or thin, curvy or wavy, juicy or dry, big or small, chubby or skinny, flappy or wobbly, asymmetrical or equally long. Mostly it's a combination of these, and there are many more possibilities. Labia colour can vary from dark brown to pink, from red to purple, from light pink to light brown or caramel - or a combination of these, and many more colours. When inner labia are longer than outer labia and stick out they often tend to have a darker colour than the internal part of the vulva. The mons pubis can be round, chubby, skinny, firm or wobbly - depending on estrogen levels and body weight. Some bodies are naturally hairy, others have little hair growth. The natural variety in vulvar anatomy is very broad, making sure that everyone looks a little bit different.

The Vulva Gallery shows all these differences, celebrating the vulva in all its beauty all around the world. 

The Vulva Gallery is body positive, gender inclusive and welcomes all.